Acme Sealed Billet Test

Cut as many strips as you need from a tablet, lh by 4 inches. Get a bundle of 3 or 4 by 6 inch envelopes, arranging them to face all one way. Fold one strip in half, then in half again, continuing till strip is folded into a square. Put this in one envelope, after which place on the face side of packet. Hold bundle of envelopes in left hand, so the one containing folded duplicate is against palm. Pass out slips and request persons to write a simple question on each one, address it to a friend in the spirit world and sign it. Then ask everyone to fold the slips with the writing inside, 3 or 4 times, or as many folds as are needed to make each billet look like your duplicate.

Now go to the first spectator, take his question and place it in the ■ envelope on the rear of the bundle. Hand him the envelope and ask him to seal it. Repeat this with two or three more. How, bring the envelope containing the duplicate from the face of the bundle and place it on the rear. Hold the bundle flaps up. Take the next billet and place it between the two envelopes' on the face of the bundle. Turn down the flap of the envelope containing the" duplicate and give it to the spectator with a request that he seal it. Gather the rest of the billets, placing them in,an envelope on the rear of the bundle as you did with, the first, and have the» sealed.

You now go to your table on stage, or in corner of room. On the way you take the question fro» between ths two envelopes, memorize it, and when you place the bundle on the table, have the question under it. Pick up a hat or tray and collect the sealed billets and place them on the table.

Pick up one envelopes hold It tc your head and answer it, really the memorized one, something like this. 'Mr. Blank, George says you will take a short journey on business that will bring you profitable returns. Does that answer your question? Let us see. Tear open the envelope in your hand and read the question aloud. 'George, will I get anything out of my journey? —Mr. Blank." While you are repeating the memorized first question, you are memorising the one in your hand.

Toss the envelope aside and drop the strip on table behind bundle of envelopes, and continue until you have answered all but one, the one containing the duplicate, (which you recognise by s small dot oa the face of the envelope), Remove the blank strip and pretend tc read the last memorized question from it, Carefully fold the strip and place it in rear of questions. Pick up bundle of envelopes and drop duplicate strip. Sweep questions into hat and return to writers for souvenirs.

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