Here is a real Miracle to use when on television as a regular feature or as a guest artist or on an interview. You take an ordinary deck of 52 cards, all different and not gimrnicked in any way, and we will say for example that you are to work this for the M.C. or studio announcer. That person has their free selection of any card, they do not even have to look at it, they are cautioned not to let anyone see it, not to turn the face of it to the cameras, to slip it in their pocket. The performer does not have to and should not know what it is either (and he really does not know). Then you explain that you will project the announcer's thoughts to any person he phones. So he takes the local directory and has his FREE choice of picking out any number (no force) and dials that number and the person that answers is able to tell him the name of the actual card he has in his pocket.

Read the above effect again. Read impossible? That is just the way it appears when you work it. To prepare, take two decks of cards, shuffle one of them well then arrange-, the cards in the second deck in the same order as these in the first deck. Leave one of the decks with the person you are going to have help you with the trick, such as your wife or a friend, scmeone who has a television receiver and also a telephone. When you go in advance to arrange for your appearance as a guest artist on program, arrange that they are to have a phone on the set that will receive or send out telephone calls, and find out what the number of that phone is. Before your appearance you give your assistant that phone number.

Now, on the night of the program, while you are on the air and as the M.C. is talking to you, your assistant dials that number. When the announcer answers the phone your assistant does not say a thing, so the announcer will eventually hang up, but your assistant does not hang up. This keeps the line connected. It is now impossible to phone any other number from the announcer's phone, so long as your helper keeps his receiver off. You then take your deck of cards, show them all different and give it a series of single cuts by pulling cards off of the bottom of the deck and placing them on top in an overhand type of shuffle. It appears as a shuffle, but you are merely cutting the deck several times. This does not disarrange the general order of the deck. Fan the deck out face down and have the M.C. pull out any card.

Before he does that, ask for a close up with the cameras so the television audience can see what is being done. Wherever he pulls a card out, cut the deck at that section and carry the cut to the bottom of the deck, so that the card above the one he selected goes to the bottom of the deck. Tell him to peek at his card and slip it in his pocket. Than, as he does this, you hold the deck in your hand so the bottom of the deck faces towards the camera. Your assistant at home will see what card it is, runs through his deck and looks for that card and the card below it in his deck will be a duplicate of the one the M.C. has in his pocket. Then you have the M.C. take the telephone book, open to any page, run down the right side of any column, stop on any number and remember it.

You take the receiver off the phone and hold it tc your chest as he dials the number, this way he will not hear that there is no ringing sound over the line. As you hand the phone to him he says hello and your assistant on the other end of the line answers as if he just heard the phone ring, and plays dumb to the effect that he does not know what it is all about. If the M.C. should ask him his name or address, he explains that he would rather not have his name go over the air. Also caution the M.C. when he picks the number not to announce it as this sometimes jams up the lines

(which it does) as listeners will phone that number also.

TELL A THOUGHT Micky Hades Enterprises

Effect: Performer borrows a sheet of paper, has it initialed, then writes a "Prediction" on it. It is sealed in an envelope held by spectator from a pile of newspapers offered, spectators select one. From this performer removes a page bearing "classified ads". Page creased in center, then torn in half. Spectators select right or left half to be used. This operation is repeated several times, spectators selecting either half of torn sheet to be retained and used.

Finally paper is reduced to size 4" wide by 3" high; about large enough to contain two columns wide and contain 3 average one inch high ads. A total pf six ads. Tearing this in half and placing one portion on top of the other, the paper is turned sideways and torn in 3 pieces - each now about size of one classified ad.

At this point the trick takes place. While talking, performer drops hand to side and obtains six slips of paper (that all have the same ad on them) from a paper clip which holds the duplicates under the edge of his coat. Before show, performer prepared six duplicates of all the same ad which he had torn from six copies of any one day's newspaper. He placed these in paper clip under edge of his coat, ready to get possession of when needed.

Bringing hand up he deposits duplicates on top of others in left hand, Spectators are told to stop him at any point they \iish when he takes the ads one at a time from left hand. He holds each one up a second and then places it on table. As performer starts slowly picking up one at a time from the left hand, spectators will be likely to stop him at first, second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth ad. It will not matter as they are all duplicates of the same ad. When stopped, performer raises the ad so "Selected" holding it high and walks toward a spectator and asks him to hold ad. Meanwhile pocketing the other slips of paper.

Spectator holding paper bearing "Prediction" is asked to read it aloud. Both sides of ad are included in the prediction. The other spectator holding the ad may now - slips are duplicates, all containing the same ad. Slip handed to a spectator to read aloud. Of course, it coincides with prediction written at start of trick. Prediction covers the ads on both sides of the paper. Read aloud the wording of the advertisement confirming the accuracy of the "prediction".

The instructions contain as an added suggestion that the performer can write a prediction of the advertisement on only one side of the piece of newspaper and have the spectator holding ad locate the correct side which contains the advertisement covered by the prediction. Then request him to turn the ad over and silently read over to himself the words of the second advertisement and to "concentrate" on each word as he slowly reads it. Performer states he will endeavor to pick up the thoughts from the person's mind. Picking up a large pad or blackboard, performer proceeds to write down each word and announce it at same time as he seems to be receiving each "thought". This is said to give a dual effect. If not able to memorize the wording, the performer before a show can write out words of the ad in very light pencil along the edge of a large pad, slate or blackboard, or have them on a card lying on edge of blackboard. The patter provided with the trick is good. The item sells for $5.00.


For the magician who works alone, the one drawback to him including a crystal gazing act in his program has been that nearly all of the present methods require one or more assistants, and even then, the majority of the secrets being sold are worthless when put to a really practical test. I have devised a method absolutely practical in every respect; that will baffle even the wise ones and which is worked absolutely alone,. I am employing the identical method myself at the present time, playing the same people over and over again without ever a suspicion being created .• rid that all is not genuine crystal gazing.

No electricity, no phones, no blackboards, no "urbans, changing bags or baskets, no pads, prepared stationery, nothing t:> remotely suggest trickery. Well, "Show me" - I can hear the reader say.

Arrange your table with a shelf ?,.t civ; b'^lt, a : out t:*c inches below the table top. Shelf exteuds the whole iangth of tabl-'i, but has the fringe running all the way around. On tabl% .ie a snail pedestal to rest your crystal.

The questions are written on small cards about t.-ne inch by two and a half in size, distributed by performer who now returns to stage and picks up an ordinary unprepared metal tray - but is holding with tli3 fingers under the tray, a small stack of phoney question cards. This should be held in left hand and questions are collected on this tray. Perfcrraar now asks writers to place their cards face down. As they are placed on tray, the performer in a natural manner, with the right hand, occasionally straightens the cards into a pile.

After questions have been gather id. '-.p, performer turns around and walks bac1' to stage; but under cover cf this move, the right hand grasps the tray the left hand places the hidden ca-x: cv top and the right har.d slips the genuine cards under the bottom of tray. Upon once more facing the audience, the performer pours the questions (?) off the tray onto a small stand; tray is casually shown empty and placed on another table, the real questions being palmed and actually pocketed if needed.

The switch of questions occupies but a second and is absolutely inde-tectable. Just try this once and you will be completely assured of this.

Performer now sits at the table where the crystal stands, and taking a handkerchief out of his pocket to polish the glass, brings questions with it and they are dropped on shelf at the back.

Performer now apparently gazes into the ball, but in reality down on the shelf and easily reads the first question. While answering that, the left hand, casually moving around with the handkerchief, slides the top card to one side, enabling the second question to be read. This, of course, is continued - the last two questions being memorized and answered, down in the audience.

While gazing, shield eyes with right hand, thereby preventing the audience from noticing that you are looking down.

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Classified Marketing Secrets

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