Real Magic

I've witnessed some excellent Magic since I've been on the Magic scene and consider myself fortunate to have rubbed elbows with the elite. Certain performers have influenced me tremendously, particularly one named Cellini.

He showed me this routine and I admit that it is one of the finest pieces of Magic I have ever seen. It looks like "real Magic!" Cellini graciously offered to contribute his Magic to this book and I'm indebted to him.

The only props used are a small leather purse with the entire back cut out and removed. (This is done to prevent any unnecessary fumbling when opening or closing the purse.) The second prop is a wand. Preparation of the purse is illustrated below in Illus. #1.

MODUS OPERA NDI: The wand is gripped with the first finger and thumb of the left hand as shown in Illus. #2.

Apply pressure with the left thumb and first finger. Release the wand from the right hand as the third finger of the left hand snaps the wand against the underside of the left forearm. Illus. #3 and Illus. #4 show an exposed view.

In the actual execution care must be taken for the wand not to be exposed when it finally comes to rest against the underside of the left forearm. Another detail must be noted to create the sudden disappearance of the wand.

Take one step forward, bringing the right knee forward and up to create the illusion of the wand's being broken over the knee. As the wand vanishes, take two tiny steps backward allowing the right arm to fall by the side while holding the left arm naturally with the wand hidden on the inside. See Illus. #5.

The right hand goes into the pocket and picks up the leather purse. Hold the purse up to the level of the ear, shake it for mis-direction as shown in Illus. #6.

Place the purse into the left hand. Open it with the right hand. Enter the purse and pull the wand through it, being careful and critical not to permit the wand flashing or being exposed. See Illus. #7 and Illus. #8.

Once the wand is removed with the right hand, close the pocket book and take it in the right hand as the wand is taken in the left. Shake the purse and show the wand as in
virtually provoke many gasps of wonder from everyone. Don't pass this one up! They will always ask you to do it again!
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