Nd Phase To Silver Copper Transposition

Upon completion of the first phase of the SILVER AND COPPER Transposition, the spectators will be left aghast as to what just took place. They will also ask you to repeat.

Here is an "inside" secret that has been hidden for years, and is being disclosed for the first time in print. The late Roy Benson showed it to me many years ago and he attributed it to the late Nate Leipzig.

The second phase of this routine is devilishly clever and quite puzzling to the onlooker.

Take the spectator's copper coin from his hand and toss it into your outstretched left hand alongside the silver half. The second matching copper coin is "classic" palmed in the right hand. Repeat this action with the half dollar, but as you toss it back into the left hand, switch it for the other copper coin. Close the left hand over the coins (2 copper ones) and jingle them as the right hand naturally drops to the side. The silver coin is not palmed yet, but allowed to rest on the second and third fingers of the right hand. Bring the right hand up to the left hand and it is during this process that the half dollar is "classic" palmed. Continue to jingle the coins in the left hand as you beckon the spectator to open his right hand in the guise of depositing the two coins in your left hand into his right hand.

At this point, he will assume the two coins to be a silver and a copper (really 2 copper coins). Request that he close his hand over the coins so that he doesn't know which coin is which (?). Tell him to place both hands behind his back. Ask him to place one of the coins into his left hand. Then tell him to bring out both hands closed and palms down.Ask him whether he knows which coin is which. His reply will be "I don't know." Reiterate what has taken place and then state that you will tell him which hand contains the copper one. Go into your "dramatics," point to his right hand as you hold your open outstretched left hand beneath it for him to drop it as you catch it.

Upon dropping the coin into your left hand it will be seen that your prediction has been accurate. Without hesitation, pick up the coin with your right hand and immediately place it to rest on the back of his left hand. This action has a two fold purpose. A.) It makes a pretty picture. B.) It will prevent him from opening up his left hand. It is here that you say, "If the copper coin is on top of your left hand, then the silver one is inside your left hand." He will say, "That is correct."

Allow the half dollar palmed in your left hand to drop from the "classic" palm into the finger palm position. Pick up the copper coin resting on the spectator's hand and toss it into your left hand switching the one coin for the other. Tap his closed hand with your closed left hand. Command the coins to change. Open your hand. It will disclose the half dollar. The spectator opens his hand, and it will disclose the copper penny. Pick up the coins, jingle them and place them away.

This is exactly the way I've performed this minor close-up miracle for the past 35 years, and it is just as good and effective today as it was then. The routine itself is strong enough with the first phase alone, but with the repeat "kicker" it makes this coin trick a "classic."

There are considered reasons for you not changing or altering this routine, and if learned as I've explained it, you will gain a reputation as a real wonder worker.

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