I'm about to impart a secret that has never appeared in print. 1 find that many of today's authors (?) tend to delete their better secrets and material from their books or lectures, thus depriving the aspiring student his due reward for his investment. In all of my books and personal instruction, I strive to give my very best. I do this with deep concern so that my students and disciples receive and derive only the best.

This secret tip will allow you to master and perform the "one hand palm" of a card on its highest level of perfection. Grip the deck with the four fingertips covering the outer end of the deck with the thumb gripping the opposite end. Place the fleshy part (tip) of the little finger (pinky) on top of the tip of the outer right end of the corner of the card resting on top of the deck.

Push in with the right thumb at the same time pulling with the fingers. This will cause the deck to bevel. Study Illus. #1 and Illus. #2.

By pushing forward with the little finger only, the top card will literally jump up and into the palm of the right hand as shown in lllus. #3.

Once this has occurred, straighten the deck by pushing the deck forward with the thumb and pulling back with the fingers. This action will securely "lock" the palmed card in the right hand. In my opinion, this is the most imperceptible way of palming a single card. It's been in my arsenal for over thirty-five years and I can attest to its effectiveness.

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