1. Shuffle retaining top stock then force each of the Tens onto four spectators. I use the Riffle Force. Each spectator retains his card without looking at it.

2. Push off the top eighteen cards and place the balance of the pack aside Give the packet a few cuts then hand it to another spectator , and have him cut the packet a few times as you turn away .

Ask him to think of any number between one and ten and to deal off that number of cards one at a time into a face down pile in front of him . Turn around and take the balance from him You now carry out an elimination idea of Karl Fulves as follows:

Holding the packet face down, run through and outjog every second card then strip out the outjogged cards and discard them.

Repeat this until you have two cards left, a position which you will always arrive at, and discard the TOP card.

Turn the card remaining face up then ask the spectator to turn over the top card he stopped at. Audibly add the values of both cards together . The answer will always be ten.

Explain that the number ten must be significant because this trick never fails.

Finally have each of the four spectators turn their cards over one at a time to prove that the number ten was indeed significant!

trick 2

For this second effect, start with the same eighteen card set-up on top of the pack. No Tens are added this time.

1. False shuffle then remove the top eighteen cards and place the balance aside Due to the mirror stack you can now give the packet a couple of Faro Shuffles or a couple of Reverse Faros. There is no restriction as to how many. This is the Rusduck 'Stay-Stack' principle.

2. Now Overhand Shuffle by running nine cards single then dropping the balance on top. The packet can now be handed to a spectator for cutting.

Now carry out STEP 2 as above. This time you will arrive at a perfect matching pair.

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