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I came up with the following two card prediction effect after reading a card location of Jack Yates' in the book Best of Pentagram Card Magic (Breese Books).


1. Hand the pack to spectator A for shuffling and as he is doing so ' write on two pieces of paper the following two predictions:





Place the first prediction in front of spectator A and the second in front of a second spectator who will be spectator B.

2. Take back the pack and casually push off 20 cards and hand them to spectator A placing the balance of the pack face down on the table. Turn away and ask him to shuffle the packet then give some of his cards to spectator B. Ask each spectator to count their cards, pointing out that it is impossible for you to know how many cards either holds . This is a true statement . Both now place their cards on the table. You now instruct spectator A to pick up the balance from the table, shuffle it then count down to and remember the card that lies at his number from the top of the pack and leave it there. Spectator B now takes the pack and counts along from the FACE and remembers the card at his number.

Turn back to face the audience and take the pack

3. Drop the pack on top of A's packet then ask B to drop his packet on top of the pack. The trick is now over as far as you are concerned. Both thought of cards now lie exactly 20 from top and bottom respectively.

4. Double Cut the top two cards to the bottom then have each spectator count down from the top according to the predictions. Spectator As card will be 18th and B's card will a further 13 cards down.

The reason for losing the top two cards is in case one of the spectators happens to realise that both their numbers add to twenty.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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