Voo DooYou

If you want to do this effect large scale, you can make a card that's 9" x 14" and have it inside a manila envelope. The card is really made from rubber magnet sign material

glued to a cardboard backing. You also need a large red 'X' made from thin steel shim material. This 'X' is stuck to the outside of the envelope, facing you and away from the audience. You secretly position it on the envelope so that it will be on the correct side of the card when you pull it from the envelope. You hold the 'X' in place with your left thumb as you remove the card with your right hand. Simply let it ride along and stick to the card in the appropriate spot as the card slides out. You can always make a last-minute adjustment with your thumb before turning the card around to show your prediction.

I believe it was David Lederman did an effect with an "X" cut from metal and held in place by a magnet. He predicted what you would pick from a list of words. So ends effect number one.

P.S. Of course you can open with any prediction, such as a three digit number called out by audience members. The Voodoo routine has humor and charisma, however.

The Power Of Charisma

The Power Of Charisma

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