The Switch

Once the Total has been double-written on the receipt, your left thumb drags the slip into the finger palm of the left hand. Deliver your buildup (making sure the audience notices the fake receipt under the clip before you remove it!) and with the right hand open the clip. At exactly the same time your left hand moves under the clip and turns palm up. The secret slip pops open a little and comes into view. The illusion of the slip falling from the clip is perfect.

All that remains is to unfold the receipt and hand it to the lady to read aloud. Let her keep it. "Here, keep the receipt. You might want your money back later. " One final thought. Always use a real rose. Not a plastic one, not a silk one, nor — God forbid — one of those novelty roses that opens out into a thong panty!

Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

This book is not about some crazed conspiracy thinkers manifesto. Its real information for real people who care about the sanctity of their own thoughts--the foundation of individual freedom.

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