The Imaginary Book Test

This routine makes use of your pocket writer and the gimmicked envelope inside the Balducci Wallet.

The idea of performing a book test without a book stems from concepts explored by Al Mann and Docc Hilford. Docc's routine appears in my book PW—The Mentalist's Secret Weapon, which contains many cool PW routines. In its most basic form, the pocket writer setup consists of a piece of cardboard, with a folded business card held in place on it with a rubber band. See Figure One for the model I use for this routine. With a one inch stub of pencil, and after some practice, you can write words, numbers, and even simple designs in your pocket.

The business card is folded into fourths, creased, and opened. This makes the subsequent refolding much easier. The PW setup is in your pants pocket and the wallet is in your breast coat pocket.

Point to an intelligent-looking individual in the audience, always bearing in mind that appearances can be deceiving. Ask him to stand up.

"Sir, I would like to get inside your head for a minute, if I may. Do you read books?"

Cardboard Lip ' read one once. "

"Excellent. Would you please imagine that you're holding a book. This can be anything from a Tolstoy novel to a Spiderman comic book. Are you there?"

"Please turn to any page and think of the first word on that page. Have

you done that?"

"Good. Would you please tell us the word that you've selected from your imaginary book?"

"You want me to just tell ya?"

"Yes please, or mail it in."

"The word is 'Moonshine.'"

You nod sagely. "Ah, I thought so. I could tell from the cut ofyour overalls that you were a man who could appreciate a really fine jar of moonshine. Sir, would you believe me if I were to tell you that I already knew that you would select the word 'Moonshine?'"

"Seems impossible."

"It does, doesn't it? But I don't expect you to take my word for it. Before the show I wrote down a target word that I was going to try to project to you. It's right here, inside this envelope for safe keeping." You hand the envelope to a handy audience member. "Would you please open it and read the target word aloud?"

She opens the envelope and sits in stunned silence, looking at the paper as though she can't believe her eyes. "Yes?" you prompt her. "Read it out loud please. "

"Moonshine," she says, before lapsing into a faint.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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