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The Ecto-Meso combines characteristics of the Endomorph and the Mesomorph.

Some information on the Ecto-Meso body type: They are of slimmed and lengthened muscularity, narrower chest than the mesomorph, less sharply tapered waist, hips are more slender, arms and legs longer relative to torso. They are more angular, leaner and lighter than other mesomorph bodies. Females are preferred as high fashion models. Both men and women look good in clothes. Men frequently are wiry and well built with a mustache.

They lean toward academics, finance, engineering, dentistry, and research.

Ecto-mesos like to think of themselves as well informed and scholarly. Their favorite defense mechanism is intellectualism.

Ecto-Mesos are picky, picky, picky. They are skeptical in disposition and want to know all of the facts; read the fine print and insist on guarantees. They will keep salesmen tied up for hours and still not buy anything.

They absolutely will not take situations at face value and always try to figure out "What's in it for me?"

They are very price conscious. Music is a real biggie with Ecto-meso's. Ecto-meso women want to be pampered and protected. They are uncomfortable about 2/3 of the time ( too hot - too cold - too sweet - too sour etc).

"You are a complex person -- often difficult -- never dull. Social gestures do not come easily to you but you have great charm when you want to use it. You are an excellent listener if someone interests you ( but that is a big if). You tend to be a loner and you resist the accumulation of possessions or of people.

"When you feel betrayed you respond with icy withdrawal. You have a psychic efficiency and when you are through with a lover there is no lingering tenderness or regret -- it is just a quick clean cut. At times others accuse you of being tactless because you have little respect for social convention.

"You are stirred to action by the torce of an idea or principle rather than some sort of emotion. It is the idea that mobilizes your will. Once you are seized by an idea you can be relentless in pursuing it.

"You tend to be secretive, especially about your motives and you meditate deeply before every major move. You can act very quickly but it is never impulsive. You are often torn by conflict. Is the life game worth playing or is it all fake and delusion? What have you been working for? Is the American Dream all a delusion?

"You are always staring beneath the surface. 'Am I writing myself out?' 'Am I over-extended?' 'In ten years will my looks be gone?' You are sensitive to betrayal and see it on all sides which justifies the quick and cool way you move in and out of the lives of others. In you the strongest impulse is to move. Your theme song might well be 'On the road again'. You experience many situations as being a prison, feeling trapped in a job, at a party, in a marriage, in a check out line -- wherever you freedom of movement is blocked.

"Despite your headlong impatience, you age slowly and stay young until late in life. Your life pattern is a long, slow early development, then adult achievement and then retreat. You have a phoenix like ability to return over and over again from defeat. Your cycles of renewal seem infinite."

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