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There's more information on cold reading and related matters available today than at any other time in history. As more and more people enter the cold reading arena, competition goes up and the average fee goes down. Oh well; it can be argued that this inverse-square relationship will make the good readers strive to become even better.

In this section I will discuss some very unusual reading techniques developed and refined by professional readers of my acquaintance. Pros must be able to think on their feet; to make broad leaps of intuition and inference; to backtrack and recoup when they feel they are loosing their client. The process of doing a reading is dynamic, much, much more than simply delivering a series of one-liners and hoping that some of it hits (this is known among psychics, even shut-eyes as the "shotgun" approach). This is no way to become a reputable psychic reader. At the commencement of the reading you have no way of knowing where the process will take you, but about a third of the way through if you don't know what's going on then it becomes necessary to refine your technique.

The public perception of a psychic, as friend Ted Karmilovich pointed out to me, has become that of a person who is very good at answering questions -- not delivering Barnum readings but answering the questions and concerns of the client. No amount of memorization will teach a person this; the reader must have an in-depth knowledge of human situations. This comes only from experience and from having a profound interest in people and the human condition.

Delivering a good psychic reading is incontrovertibly the ultimate Fat-Free Mentalism. But always remember that the same elements that create great entertainment also need to be integrated into a reading: humor, empathy, drama and mystery. Without these elements the reading decays into nothing more than a psychological magic trick, and the client feels that their time has been ill spent.

Let me share with you an interesting anecdote, which may explain why Psychic Entertainers are usually in much greater demand than shut-eyes. After an event,

where I did readings for almost five hours, I was chatting up the lady who hired me. I told her for an event the size of hers, she really needed two readers. She said she'd talked to another reader (the infamous R -- L --, ) a well-known FLAKE in the metaphysical community. I asked why she didn't bring R. in? The woman answered that when she asked R. "Areyou good?" This idiot replied proudly, "I always make'em cry!" Man! A cathartic event is a great thing in a private reading, but not exactly what you want at a party! I can see R's brochure now: "Bring'em in laughing, I'll send'em away crying . . . for a party they'll ALWAYS remember!" This could be a new approach for your psychic parties, eh?

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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