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Finding the card with the drawing on it is extremely simple. You have all the time in the world with the KNOW and GRIT gags. Nail-nick the card at your leisure, or otherwise mark it so you can detect it from the rear.

Duplicating the drawing requires that you control the drawing to second from the bottom and peek it. Any standard card handling subterfuge will accomplish this; the classic pass done with a stack of business cards is a lot easier than with a deck of cards. Here's how I do it. Fan the stack and have the participant return the card somewhere near the middle. This should exactly replicate the actions of the Psychometry portion of the demonstration. When the card containing the drawing is returned to the stack use the Hofzinser cull to control it to second from the bottom. Here's how:

When the card is returned to the middle of the spread, pull it over to the right with the right fingers until it clears the spread. Continue fanning the cards from left to right until you reach the last card. Separate the bottom card slightly

from the spread and allow the drawing to ride between it and the rest of the stack. Square up, and the card is now second from the bottom.

Show the stack from all angles and finish with it face-down. Remove the bottom card to draw your impressions upon. Glimpse the new bottom card (the drawing) as you set the stack aside.

Go through the business of replicating the writing on the card, starting with the two words you started with. It comes as a surprise when you successfully replicate the drawing!

While people are still surprised at your successful denouement, pick up the stack and pretend to remove the drawing from the middle, actually dragging it under the spread and removing it. Toss it on the table for the participant to keep, if he so desires.

Other effects can be performed with the spectator's drawing prior to the divination. For example, I've had excellent results using Vernon's timing force as follows:

While casually mixing the cards, position the drawing seventh from the top. Begin dealing the cards on the table, slowly and with an even pace, while looking expectantly at the participant. After dealing three cards, say (a trifle impatiently) "Tell me when to stop!" Say this as you deal the fourth card. 90% of the time he'll let you deal two more cards and then say "Stop!" -- Right on his drawing!

The more you do this timing force the more it works. It almost never fails with me. If it does no big deal -- go into an Equivoque with the dealt cards.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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