The bag is gimmicked to allow you to read several billets without the audience being aware of this fact. First, a little history.

The idea of reading unfolded billets through a clear container goes back several years, and has been discussed by Lee Earle (on his Q and A Teach-In) and by myself in The Complete Fortune-Teller (Psiman's Clearly Telepathic).

The concept is simple and bold: While stirring or collecting the slips, the performer manages to unfold one or two of them and move them to the rear of the transparent bag or fishbowl. He can now read the questions without the audiences awareness. The question that entered my mind was: Can we do the same thing, but with an opaque paper bag?

The answer is yes.

First, you must construct a very special bag. Obtain two identical gift bags. Cleanly remove the back and bottom from one of the bags and cut a window in it as shown on the next page:

Glue a piece of clear plastic (the type used in a report cover is ideal) on the back of the piece, making a clear window. Lay this aside for the moment and turn your attention to the second bag.

Carefully cut away the entire bottom half of the back side of the bag. The picture makes this clearer, I hope.

Now assemble the bag by attaching the first window gimmick to the back of the bag. The illustration shows the assembled unit.

What have we wrought with this handiwork? You'll notice that the two windows aren't in alignment, so there's no visible hole in the bag. From the inside of the bag (which is what the audience will be looking at as they drop their folded cards into the bag) everything looks normal. But the two windows, which sit one above the other, allow you to do a beautiful thing. It's now possible to reach into the bag, open up a billet and feed it up through the bottom window into the top transparent pocket! If you do this with the writing side out, you can read the question through the transparent window, even though to the audience the bag looks opaque. The window is big enough to do this with three or four questions at a time.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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