Fold two 3" x 3" billets (the same stuff as in Centering Your Thoughts) and hand them to your participant. Say to him, "We're going to try to transmit specific information from one mind to another, so it's important that we use targets that are very personal to you. So on this paper would you record the name of the first person you ever went out with. As you record the name, please try to concentrate your thoughts on how they looked, any smells associated with the date, sights, sounds -- the full sensory experience. This will improve the chances of success greatly. " The person does so, and folds the paper. The performer takes it in his left hand, between forefinger and thumb. This is important!

"Now on this paper, please record an item of much greater difficulty -- your astrological sign. Everyone has a different one, and there's no way I could possibly know yours, so this is a perfect target for us to try to get."

When he folds the paper and hand it to you, take it between the tips of the first and second fingers of the right hand. For a second, you're holding both billets, one in each hand. Say, "You keep the name for now, we'll try for the astrological sign," and apparently hand him back the billet you're holding in your left hand. But here's what really happens:

As your two hands pass each other, the two billets are exchanged. Basically, the left hand billet (which is held between the first finger and thumb) is taken between the thumb and first finger of the right hand as the right hand billet (held between the first two fingers) is taken between the first two fingers of the left hand. In a continuing movement you snap the right hand billet (he thinks it's the name, but it's actually the astrological sign) on the table in front of him. Alternately, if you're working standing up, simply hand it to him. Consult the Elliott, or better yet, the Cassidy book for more details. The move is really easy and simple to do, but it requires a little practice so you do not confuse yourself! In essence, what you've done is taken the astrological billet from him and handed it back to him with the other hand. You're left holding the name billet, which he thinks is the astrological sign. Cool!

To continue, you use the Grismer anagram to obtain the astrological sign. I'm sorry I have to refer you to another manuscript, but that's the breaks. Most of you have What's My Sign? already, and those of you who do not, need to get it. When you successfully name the astrological sign proceed as follows:

"Now we're going for the name, and to make this easier I'd like you to do a little visualization exercise. Imagine the name in your mind and tear it in half. It may help you to actually tear the paper in your hand as you do so -- like this." Of course, you tear the slip in your hand as he does, and read the name! "We're in real danger of making a mess here. Hold these for me too. Now tear your though tin half again, and keep doing it until only individual, random letters remain in your mind. I see an 'A, ' a 'C,' -- the name is 'Alice,' is that right? "

Of course it is, you sly devil!

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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