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When I bounced this idea off of noted psychic, curmudgeon and all-around flamboyant character Ford Kross, he shared these thoughts with me:

"The one thing I don't like about the non-verbal o tfJ communication ploy is it takes away the opportunity for o £<J> )^b3J>Oupsales; i.e, readings, charts, clitoral manipulation, etc.

One thought is that in addition to their fantasy place they put their birth sign, allowing you to say, 'Ah, a Gemini would like London; you have a Gemini complexion, so could your dream be London?' Obviously the one complication is if you get more than one Gemini with two different places. This

might require a bit more verbal skipping.

"This presentation leaves you open to sell something. I do a psychometry routine called Astro-Grapho Somatology. The women write their birthdate, a sample sentence and the body part of the opposite sex that attracts them most. Supposedly I'm using Astrology, Graphology and Somatology (a pseudo-science I've made up using Sheldon's Somatotypes as a basis)."

Ford, you should be ashamed of yourself . . . and I'll use it!

A system to do readings based on Sheldon's Somatotype theory appears later in this book, courtesy of Fred Crouter.

I recently found something I'm really excited about; ^ especially since it provides the missing piece to a

0 presentation I've been thinking about for a while.

This is a Dover book: Visual Illusions in Motion y ^ with Moiré Screens by Craig Cassin (ISBN 0-486-29571-

§ \ 0). This is a large book with 60 spirals, op-art designs, etc., along with three plastic "screens" with spirals and designs. When you overlay the sheet onto one of the patterns, weird images (Moiré Patterns) emerge. By wiggling the sheet the phantom images and designs change. A bargain at $8.95.

Why does this excite me? Well, for a few weeks now I've been using a premise with my Q and A act. The card they fill out has nothing on it but a spiral, centrally located. I ask them to write their name above the spiral and their question below the spiral. This also serves to position the text in the necessary place for my routine.

I ask them to stare at the spiral for at least ten seconds, then fold the card up and drop it in the bag. I show one of the spiral designs that I've mounted to a board and ask everyone to relax and gaze deeply into the center. I explain that viewing the image of the spiral will trigger the visual memories of whatever they wrote. These visual memories are located in the right brain (which, I explained earlier, is "my domain") and which will be released as they gaze into the spiral. It's a good bit, and I use a lot of "hyp talk," relax, breathe deeply, let your mind relax, etc.

"Let the threads of your thoughts come together to weave a tapestry of mystery. . ."

Next, I overlay the spiral with one of the sheets. As they stare into the spiral I can move the sheet around, causing weird psychotropic images. Some of them actually STROBE! A lot of visual effect for next to nothing, I thought, and easier to make and carry than the spinning spiral disk attached to an egg beater. Larger too.

summoning the manitous, or spirits of the living beings around him. It is said that he could even summon the very spirits of rocks and stones, and cause them to leap and dance with delight.

"The old man was revered by his tribe, and the warriors brought their weapons to him so that he would speak to the spirits of the weapons and cause them to fly straight and true.

"But there were then, as indeed there are now, the scoffers. The skeptics, the disbelievers. Young and foolish, they didn't believe in magic and resented the

Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

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