These three numbers have an interesting quality. When you add them up, they total 111,111. Fold the card so that the blank quadrant is to the front, and insert the folded card into a Pocket-Writer (see the description of the Invisible Book Test for details). You can change these numbers at will, just so long as they total 111,111.

For example: in the scenario described above, the number created by the audience was 125,375. Mentally subtract 111,111 and you get 14,264. This is the number you pocket-write in the blank quadrant on the folded card in your pocket.

Oh yeah — be sure the numbers volunteered by the audience don't contain any zeros. Becker has a brilliant way of handling this; see Stunners or Standing Ovation for method.

When the three digit number is constructed by the two audience members (or better yet, see Larry Becker's description of how each individual number is volunteered by a separate spectator; bringing more audience members into the act), you must perform a simple mental calculation: subtract 111,111, from the six-digit number volunteered by the audience members. Pocket write this number in the blank quadrant of the folded card. It's done as you casually loiter about the stage, coaching the audience member from a distance.

When the time comes, finger palm the folded card and approach the onstage helper. Pretend to remove the folded card from the clip, actually letting the dummy fly up into the clip and allowing the finger-palmed billet to spring into view. Unfold this card and reclip it, in it's unfolded state, under the clip at the front of the board so that the spectator can see the numbers.

Kill time while he's writing the numbers down in a column. Add them up quickly and accurately! This is actually fairly easy, since you know that the four numbers must total the six-digit number volunteered by the two spectators.

The effect on even the most critical audience is shocking. While promoting a local Psychic fair, I performed this version on the radio, using a legal pad and the Ostin gimmick. For the first time in the history of the station, the normally loudmouthed "Shock Jock" was SPEECHLESS.

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