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The five cards are marked 1 through 5 by slightly thickening the blue lines with a blue pencil. These are passed out in order to the five participants. The participants are asked to write on the BLANK side of the cards so as to not corrupt their handwriting sample.

The cards are handed to a disinterested spectator and then mixed. The performer takes them back and, by slightly fanning them from left to right, writing side down, determines the position from the bottom of the stack of the young woman's card (this is the woman whom he will later select, seemingly at random, from among the five participants, to read the cards aloud). Furthermore, remember the person whose card is two away from the woman's card. Let's say the woman's card is second from the bottom and the other card lies fourth. You may have to casually mix the cards to get them into position. Just make it obvious that you do not look at the writing on the cards.

What have you accomplished so far? Well you know the positions of two of the cards: the woman who will eventually help you, and a second participant whom you will later select for the test. As far as the audience is concerned, nothing has happened yet! Time to parley this knowledge into a powerful climax.

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