asked to write down the name of a city, country, or place that he or she would like to visit during their lifetime. The cards are gathered and mixed, and handed to one of the participants. A second participant is selected to assist in the experiment.

The first participant is asked to read the cities aloud one by one, as the performer carefully observes the second participant.

"Aha!" says the performer. "Sir, you're very good at hiding your reactions, but I saw a brief, wistful look pass across your eyes when one of the cities was mentioned; too brieffor an untrained person to spot, perhaps, but I noticed it."

The performer grabs a pad and a pen and writes something down. "Which city is the one your were thinking of?"

"New Orleans," he answers.

The performer turns his pad around. It says: New Orleans!

Applause. "However, " continues the performer. "Body language is not the only thing that gives us away. Did you know that non-verbal communication even works over the telephone? Tone of voice can be a remarkable indicator of our frame of mind. " He turns toward the woman who read aloud the five cities and says, "When you read those cities aloud one of them was yours. Your tone of voice slightly changed when you read yours aloud. Once again, the effect was subtle but I could tell. "

Once again he grabs his pad. "I could tell." And he writes something down. "Where is it you would like to go?"


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