"Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. I need a lady. . . but don't we all? . . . I need a lady to come up here and assist me. Would you please come up here, young lady? What's your name? Alice? Thank you."

The performer hands the woman a gift bag, held shut with a Bulldog clip. A piece of folded paper is seen to protrude from the bottom of the clip. "I always like to initiate the show by giving a small prize to the first person brave enough to help me out. The contents of that bag belongs to you, Alice. All I ask of you is to point to three people in the audience, one from the left side of the room, one from the right, and one from the marijuana section (use discretion with this line -- works best for a younger audience!). When Alice points to you do not come up here; just stand up and remain where you are."

Three people are nominated and they stand up.

"Now please sir, what is your name? Pete." The performer jots down Pete's name on a small pad. "Thankyou Pete. Please name aloud any number from 1 through 5."

Pete calls out, "Six!"

The performer makes a note of the number. "That's exactly what I thought you'd say Pete. You fit the profile perfectly. You may sit down now. " Pointing to the second person, "Ma'am, I'm going to give you a bigger range. Would you please name aloud any number from, say, 1 through 9." This is repeated with the third participant, with the performer making notes of each participant's name and


Now for the blowoff. "Although you haven't realized it yet, something very wonderful just happened. Let me tell you a little bit about what's in that bag. I perform this show more than 200 time a year, and before each show I always stop at Bob's Flowers and Gifts to buy a small present. Usually, this is no big deal but tonight, when Bob handed me the receipt, our fingers touched. Our eyes met; sparks flew between us —we're going out next Saturday! — but, I knew that tonight would be special so I kept the receipt. It's been stuck to the bag the entire time, in plain view. " The performer gestures toward the slip of paper sticking from under the clip. "Let's look at it and see what's going on."

The performer removes the slip from the clip; his hands are obviously empty except for the receipt. "Alice will you please unfold this? Let's recap; Pete named the number 6, Cheryl 4 and Bill 8. 6, 4 and 8. Alice, what's the total price of the gift I bought at Bob's?"

She reads, "Six Dollars and Forty-Eight Cents. "

Applause. Then, "And what else does the receipt say?"

She reads, "A lovely rose for a lovely Lady. "

The performer removes the rose from the bag and hands it to the young lady, and sends her back to her seat with a round of applause.

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