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I'm opposed to doing magic tricks during a psychic reading in order to gain access to the sitter's question. During the course of a reading it's fairly simple (if you know what you're doing) to zero in on the person's concerns without the need for trickery. But for the past year, I've been ending readings using the following strategy, and it KNOCKS PEOPLE DEAD!

It all started with a nifty prop I bought at a local Psychic Fair, called a Runeboard. This was a wooden disk, about ten inches across, with the various Runes inscribed around the periphery. A black scrying mirror was in the middle.

I've tried to sketch this for you.

To use the Runeboard, you stare into the mirror and concentrate on your question. Then, using a pendulum, you let it select a Rune. By interpreting this Rune, you have your answer. Pretty neat, and I found that it really works for me. But then again, so do Fortune Cookies!

For a while, I did this at the end of every reading by urging the sitter to concentrate on his/her

question, then allowing them to select a couple of Runes with the pendulum. I would interpret these Runes without ever knowing the questions, and often the answers made sense. When the answer didn't make sense, I'd simply ask them to tell me their question and I'd re-interpret (?) the Runes. Worked pretty good; nobody seemed to mind.

Now, let's add a little charlatanry and really make this Magickal! If you would like to construct your own Runeboard it's fairly easy to make. You can always get someone who's good at woodburning to etch the symbols in for you.

This should be saved until the very end of your reading, after you've (hopefully) already impressed your sitter with your psychic abilities. I usually leave the board and pendulum out on the table, and usually people ask about it.

r"This is an interesting thing that I've been playing with recently. It's a Runeboard. It was customary in the old days for a person to write their questions, their heart's desire, on a parchment and then burn it. The rising smoke was believed to convey the question to the Higher Beings, who in turn provided an answer through the agency of the pendulum. I find that it really seems to work for me. Would you like to try it? Please write down your question, or your heart's desire, and fold it into fourths. Excellent. Now we have to destroy the question and offer it up to the heavens. "

Take the paper from them and tear it into fourths. Ignite the fragments and drop the burning pieces onto the mirror. As it burns, instruct the sitter to gaze into the mirror, concentrating on the question. If they have never used a pendulum before, teach them how to use it. Direct them to hold the pendulum over the mirror and the burnt billet, and begin to offer the suggestion that the pendulum will swing.

"Concentrate on your question, and allow the pendulum to seek out one or two symbols. It should simply swing under it's own power; don't help it in any way. Ah, the pendulum has selected Manaz and Is. Manaz relates to the tribe of mankind, reminding you that you're not alone in this venture. Usually this advises the person to reach out and include as many loved ones as possible in the f undertaking. Are you thinking about starting a new business, with people you know -- possible family?"

The sitter, startled: "Yes. "

"Is represents obstacles and setbacks; almost like being to zen in time. It appears you've had a lot of disappointments and delays in this venture, is that true?"

"According to the Runes, these obstacles will vanish in a little while. I see you well-established in your new business sooner than you think. You will achieve your heart's desire. Thank you. "

The sitter's question was: ""Will I ever sell my house so I can go into business with my sisters?"

You knew this because you read the stolen center while the paper burns and the sitter is occupied with trying to make the pendulum work. Take your time doing this, and don't be nervous. Just open the torn center in your lap and read it casually. Later, you can save the question and put it in the file you have on your client. When it's time to do a follow-up (phone call or postcard) you can refer back to the original question and see how they're doing on attaining their heart's desire. This sort of work is extremely satisfying -- assuming you like people!

There are those who consider this sort of thing unethical. Sorry -- NO REFUNDS!!!

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Fundamentals of Magick

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