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Let's try a simple test of thought projection," says the performer, removing a business card from a stack . "I'm going to write a simple word, a word in the English language. Now, do you know what I wrote? Yes or no."

The spectator says, "No."

The performer turns the card around and says, "You got it. Exactly right -'KNOW.' Let's try another one. I'll write another four-letter word; and this one is something you find on the bottom of a bird's cage, and it rhymes with 'hit.' Do you know what it is?"

"I'm afraid I do, " is one of the more polite answers you will get!

"Absolutely correct! 'GRIT.' Now we're ready for something more advanced. Please take this card and draw a picture on it. Don't let me see it."

The participant does so and returns it to the stack.

The performer says, "Please spread the cards around on the table and mix them around. Don't panic; just let me feel your wrist for a moment." The performer lightly grasps the participants wrist.

"Simply think of your drawing, very intently, " he instructs the participant.

Passing his other hand over the scattered cards, the performer pushes several aside, some here, some there, until a single card remains on the table.

"This one vibrates very strongly to your personal energy level," the performer claims. "Pick it up and see if it is indeed your drawing."

The participant peeks at the card and sees that it is indeed his drawing!

"Let's take it to the next level," the excited performer exclaims. "Do not --

absolutely do not -- let me see it. Quickly, place it back into the stack, near the middle." The performer turns his head so the participant can take a last look at his drawing, and the card is pushed flush.

Showing the stack of cards from all sides, the performer says, "It's obvious that by normal means, nobody can see the drawing as long as it remains buried in the middle of the stack. There are several cards both above and below the drawing, and you would have to be Superman to be able to see through the stack. Yet, I'm going to try to duplicate the drawing on the back of the card."

The performer removes a blank card and scrawls the word KNOW on it. "How'm I doing so far? " he asks, tongue-in-cheek. He writes the word GRIT.

"Am I getting closer?"

Finally, he reproduces the spectator's drawing. Removing the original drawing from the center of the stack he gives both to the spectator as a souvenir.

Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

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