The Mommys

I explained in the last chapter my method of getting into my memorized deck, by giving a pack in new deck order five out shuffles. I explain the shuffles as a method of loosening up a new pack.

I now proceed to give a memory demonstration. I tell the spectator that I will rapidly deal the cards face up into a pile on die table, and will attempt to memorize t he cards as they are dealt. But to make it interesting, the spectator can try to distract me by asking me questions and carry on a conversation with me as 1 deal the cards.

There is nothing difficult for me to do except keep my head down and pretend to memorize the cards as thev are dealt. I must not look up even once, or the spectator will realize that I am not really studying the cards. After I have dealt the 52nd card, 1 turn the deck face down and hand it to a spectator.

I now ask for three numbers to be named, and 1 immediately tell the spectator which cards are at those numbers. The spectator deals the cards face up into a pile on t he table until he reaches the lowest of the three numbers. He slowly turns the card over at that number and it proves to be correct. I lave him continue counting to the second number and it proves to be correct. The same result applies with the third number.

I now have the spectator place the remainder of the cards, in his hand, face up onto the face up pile on the table, turn the deck face dowTi and hand it to me. 1 now give the pack three more out shuffles as 1 make the following remarks: "Years ago I read this remark: 'If you chain a monkey to a typewTiter and let him tap on the keys, sooner or later, most likely later, he will rewrite all the great works of literature.1 Of course this will take eons of time."

Now you continue by saying the following: "It would seem to me to take almost as long to shuffle a pack of cards back into their original position, in other words to unshuffle a pack so that every card was back in Ace to King order as they are arranged at the factory." As 1 say this, I give the pack a couple of Zarrowor pull through shuffles after completing the three Faro Shuffles. Following these, execute your best false cut.

Now pause, and ribbon spread the pack face up across the table. The deck will be in perfect new deck sequence. At this point, your closing remark should be: "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!" This last line courtesy of Michael Weber.

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