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The memorized deck is a powerful weapon in any card man's hands, as many of you well know. The first set-up that I am going to explain is the one that I used back in the late sixties and early seventies. These were my Magic Castle years. I have always been fond of two particular tricks: " The Mental-Selection Speller" on p. 120 of "The Amateur Magician's Handbook," and the "Dai Vernon Poker Deal" in issue #311 of "The New Phoenix," also reprinted in "Earlv Vernon" and "The Dai Vernon Book of Magic."

I thought so much of these two effects that I decided to make a memorized deck which included both effects. I am not going to explain the Speller and Poker Deal, as any card man, worth his salt, will have the above mentioned volumes in his library.

Arrange the cards in the order given below. There is no semblance to any system. Memorize these cards in the given order for your memorized pack. Perform one or two effects that do not disturb the order of the cards.

Give the pack two perfect out Faro Shuffles and you are set to do "Mental Selection Speller" from the bottom or face of the deck. As you spread the pack between your hands for a mental selection, spread nine cards past your six card stock and cut the pack at this point. At the completion of the spelling effect, you are set to go into "Vernon's Poker Demonstration."

The Set-up Pack

1. AH 5. 7D 9. AC 13. 7S 17. KD 21. 8H 25. KS 29. 8C 33. 2H 37. 6D 41. 2C 45. 6S 49. QI)

6. QS 10. 9C 14. 3H 18. 5D 22. 3C 26. 5S 30. ID 34. 10H 38. IS 42. 10C 46. 4M 50. 4D

3. 4C 7. 4S 11. 10D 15. JH 19. 10S 23. JC 27. 5H 31. 3D 35. 5C 39. 3S 43. 9D 47. QH 51. 9S

4. QC 8. 6H 12. 2D 16. 6C 20. 2S 24. 8D 28. ICH 32. SS 36. KC 40. 7H 44. AD 48. 7C 52. AS

I have a second system for a memorized deck which I use with specific objective in mind. When I began performing at the "Golden Nugget Hotel" in Las Vegas i: 1976, the company did, and still does, supply me with an unlimited supply of deck of cards. This enables me to open a fresh deck at each table and give the deck to a spectator when I leave the table.

I wanted to perform the memorized deck, yet still retain the flexibility of a new deck order ever)' time 1 performed. I use Bicycle brand playing cards. In new deck order they are arranged from top down Ace to King of Hearts, Ace to King of Clui King to Ace of Diamonds and King to Ace of Spades.

I remove the cards from their case and give them perfect out Faro shuffle-supposedly to "loosen them up" but actually to get into my memorized stack. I discovered that there are only two places where you can safely ribbon spread the de. * face up and show a random mixture. This is after the fourth or fifth shuffle. I chose the order of cards after the fifth shuffle to become my memorized stack because, after using it for effects that don't disturb the arrangement, it only takes three additional perfect out Faro shuffles to get back into new deck order.

In the next two chapters, I will explain three of the effects that I use with the memorized deck.

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