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Here is a baffling two card location that again makes use of the memorized deck. I present this as follows:

I have a pocket handkerchief opened up in my lap. Resting on the handkerchief is a face-up memorized deck. A matching shuffled deck is in play on the table. I get into this position in advance and perform several effects with the matching tabled deck, during the course of these preliminary effects, the deck is shuffled by the spectator several times. For this effect, you will require at least two spectators at the table-one to the right and the other to the left.

At the completion of an impromptu effect with your tabled deck, hold the deck in dealing position in your left hand. Address the spectator on your right and say, "Please take the deck from me under the table." As you place your left hand under the table, your hand will pass over your lap. Exchange packs. Leave the shuffled deck in your lap. With your palm down left hand pick up the memorized pack, turning vour hand palm up in the process. This brings the deck face down.

Hand the deck to the spectator. Ask the spectator to keep the deck below the table and to cut the deck and complete the cut. Now ask the spectator to take the top card, and without showing it to anyone or looking at it himself, place it in his pocket.

Now reach under the table with your left hand and ask him to hand you back the deck. When you receive the deck face down, corner crimp the outer right corner of the bottom card with your left forefinger. Swing the decV vo t\\e uwtet \Y\e and hand it to the spectator seated on your left. Ask him to keep the cards below the table and to cut the deck and complete the cut. Then have him take the new top card and, without looking at it, place it in his pocket. Now take the pack back from him above the table.

At this point I hold the deck on edge with both hands in preparation for a Faro Shuffle. I tilt the deck just enough to the right so that I can glimpse the bottom card. Now with my right thumb I split the deck at the crimped card, glimpsing it, and 1 perform a Faro Shuffle.

Remembering the crimped card, I count one card ahead in my system and the latter will be the card in the pocket of the first spectator, on my right. Remembering the bottom card, I count one card ahead in my system and the latter will be the card in the pocket of the second spectator, on my left. I look at each spectator and name the appropriate card. These cards are then removed from their pockets and shown to be correct!

At times, instead of a Faro Shuffle, I will simply give the pack a Charlier Cut. As I begin the cut, I glimpse the bottom card, then cut at the crimped card and remember this card as well. After the cut, I immediately perform one or two riffle shuffles. Now I proceed, as above, to name the appropriate cards.

You are left with a shuffled pack in your lap. At the proper time, gather up the pack with your handkerchief and place all in your hip pocket.

"Lillie, pick a card!" Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

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