Birthday Telepathy

This effect is based on an old mathematical stunt. Years ago, Paul Curry recorded Padded," his presentation of the stunt in a little book called "Something Borrowed, Something New." The following is my presentation of the principle.

This makes a fine after dinner effect, while lingering over coffee. Another excellent way to present diis is over the telephone. As a telephone stunt, this is, in my opinion, one of the very best.

When presenting this at a table in front of a few spectators, I remove a business card from my pocket and hand this and a pen or pencil to a spectator. 1 mention that the information he or she records will be confidential and never revealed at the end. This is important, especially when performing the effect for a female.

I turn my back to those at the table and give the following instructions: I ask the spectator to write down the year of his birth. Directly beneath the year of his birth, the spectator now jots down the year of an important event in his life. This procedure is repeated with the spectator jotting down his present age, as of today, and then the number of years that have passed since the important event occurred. Now ask the spectator to draw a line beneath his figures and total them.

From the beginning of the presentation till after the numbers are revealed, my back is to the audience. I never face them until the effect is completely over. I say that the strongest faculty he possesses are his emotions. I then say that he will relay his total to me through his emotions. State that the seat of emotions is the heart, therefore you are going to ask the assistant to carry out most operations with his left hand as, of course, the heart is nearer the left side of the body.

State that his left hand is closer to his heart than his right hand, so have him extend his left forefinger and rub the tip of the finger over the left digit of his answer. Have him concentrate on the number, pause and say that it is a "three." Have the assistant move his forefinger to the next digit to the right, nib it, concentrate and you say it is a "nine." Have the spectator move to the next digit to the right, rub the digit, concentrate, and you call out the number "eight." I lave him nib the last digit to the right, concentrate on it, and vou name the number "six." Repeat the whole number "3986!"

The whole effect is a different presentation of an old mathematical stunt. If the year of a person's birth and his present age are added together, the result, naturally, will be the present year. This, of course, also holds true for the year of some important event in the spectator's life and the number of years ago that it happened. Therefore, when all four are totaled, the answer will be twice the present year.

The answer "3986" is for the year 1993. At the beginning of each year, January 1 st, you must make new calculations. The total for the year 1994, for instance, would be "3988."

An important point to keep in mind is that the total is initially computed as of the last day of the year. However, if the spectator has not had his birthday yet this year, the total at the end will be one less, or "3985" for die year 1993.

Long before I perform this effect I ask the spectator what sign he was born under. When given the sign, I then ask what month that is. 1 then say that I am a "Leo" and that we arc very compatible, etc. This bit of information will give you the correct total to use. You will have to fish a litde more if he names the "current" sign, since he may or may not have recently had his birthday.

This piece of impromptu telepathy should baffle all who witness it, whether they are magicians or laymen.

Daryl and Michael
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