Needle Im A Haytack

This is one of those impossible location type effects that is fun to perform for other magicians. I will never forget the look on Tony Georgio's and jerry Andrus' faces when I did this for them while we were standing at the bar in the Magic Castle in the fall of 1972. They had no clue. This is not an effect that you will do every night, but if you pick your spot and perform the effect occasionally, it will serve you well.

Take 13 cards with the same back design and color that you are using and stack them in order from Ace to King. Ace is the top card and King is the bottom card. The packet is in Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds order. Top card Ace of Clubs, then Two of Hearts, Three of Spades, Four of Diamonds, Five of Clubs and so forth, all the way to the King of Clubs.

Shove this packet of 13 cards under your belt at the small of your back. You should be wearing a jacket when you perform this. The effect should be done standing, with no one behind you.

Have a duplicate set of the 13 cards on top of the deck, in any order. False shuffle the deck using Jog Overhand Shuffles. The bottom card of the deck is pencil-dotted on the back in the upper and lower non-index corners. When you false shuffle the deck, be sure to slip the bottom card back to the bottom after each jog shuffle. Have a Joker in your right side pocket.

When you are finished shuffling the deck, hand a spectator the top 13 cards. Have him shuffle them and then look at the faces and remember one of the cards. Because of the mixture of values and suits, no one will notice that the cards run from Ace to King. When the spectator has spotted a card, have him shuffle the packet again.

Take the face dowii cards from the spectator and insert them into the middle of the deck. Hold a break above them as you push them square with the deck. Shift or double cut the deck at the break, bringing the 13 cards back to the top.

Take the Joker out of your right side pocket. Tell the spectator that you will put the Joker behind your back and stick it into the deck right next to his card! I realize that I forgot to mention how to keep the key card on the bottom of the pack while you insert the 13 card block into the center and double cut it to the top.

The method I use is rather complicated and perhaps beyond the ability of the average card handler. So here is an easy method. Instead of inserting the 13-card block into the center of deck, place it on top and immediately go into a jog, slip shuffle, just, like you did at the beginning of the effect. This keeps the 13 cards on top and keeps the key card on the bottom. Remember the packet was shuffled by the spectator twice, so everything should appear fair and convincing.

Put both hands behind your back, the deck in your left hand and the Joker in your right hand. Thumb off the top 13 cards into your back pocket and pull the 13 card stack from under your belt onto the top of the deck, lust before pulling the stack from under your belt, put the Joker face up on top of the deck. Now cut a block of cards of about 1/4 of the deck from the bottom to the top. Bring die pack forward. Ask for the name of the card.

Calculate its position. The Ace of Clubs would be the first card after the pencil dotted card, the Eight of Diamonds would be eighth card and so forth. Spread the deck between your hands. When you spot the pencil dotted card, start counting. When you reach the selected card, run it under the spread and insert it above the Joker while jogging or stepping up the Joker. Reveal die selected card next to the Joker!

To run the selection under the spread: When you reach the selection, place your left thumb on the card above the selection and place your right fingers, under the spread, on the face of the selection. Pull to the left with your left thumb and pull to the right with your right fingers. This will cause the selection to rest free and loose on your right fingertips under the spread. Now when you reach the face tip Joker, load the selection above it!

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