The Signs

The one thing that puts everyone off learning astrology is the fact that when you want to find out what a specific sign means all the books give you are a jumble of seemingly unconnected key words.

What these books are purposely hiding is that each of these signs is supposed to describe a specific personality type. You are supposed to recognise an 'Aries type' or a Libran.

So forget all the key words. Just associate each sign with a person and then just use the words you would use to describe that person whenever you have to describe the effects of the sign. There should be someone you know who is a typical Geminian for instance. They don't actually have to be a Geminian, in fact it's unlikely that they will be. They just need to typify the astrologer's idea of a Geminian.

Don't push this too far. Remember it is just the general personality traits we are talking about. Don't start insisting that all Taurians are bald and knobbly-kneed but obsessive just because your friend George is.

In case you don't have 12 friends with different personalities here is an idea of what jobs might suit each sign of the zodiac.

Aries - Assertive, aggressive, enthusiastic, selfish -A double-glazing salesman.

Taurus - Possessive, stable, patient, greedy, demanding - An accountant.

Gemini - Communicative, witty, cunning, unstable -The person who organises games at parties.

Cancer - Protective, nurturing, defensive, touchy moody - A nurse.

Leo - Impressive, self confident, arrogant, pompous, patronising - A Member of Parliament.

Virgo - Perfectionist, fastidious, pedantic, precise -A maiden aunt.

Libra - Co-operative, diplomatic, peaceable, frivolous - A Bluffers Guide author.

Scorpio - Intense, fanatical, dramatic, mysterious, destructive - A mass murderer.

Sagittarius - Adventurous, freedom loving, wise, jovial, tactless - A chat show host.

Capricorn - Disciplined, careful, stern, mean, callous - A traffic warden.

Aquarius - Objective, unemotional, detached, scientific - An astrologer.

Pisces - Imaginative, impractical, impressionable, confused - A Bluffer's Guide reader.

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