The Lines

By the time you have gone round all the mounts you won't really need to go into too much detail about the lines. The books all give you 20 lines to look for. Ignore this. Just remember four names and pick a suitable line to fit.

The Life Line - Curls round the base of the thumb. Everyone knows this one. It tells how long you will live, any illnesses and major events affecting your life. The time scale starts at the top and gets to your wrist about the age of 70. Just look for any chains, breaks or twists and interpret these as important events.

The Love Line - Horizontal, starting at the little finger side, across the top of the palm. This is also very popular as it tells about the love life. Chaining shows a flirt and all the loops and breaks show affairs and divorces. Hours of fun with this one.

The Head Line - Horizontal below the love line. This shows the level of intellect. A good bluffer checks this one out to see how much he can get away with.

The Fate Line - Running up the middle ofthe palm. This shows how fate will play a part in vour life. No fate line means a smooth and uneventful life. Look just now. You will find yours is deep and twisted.

If anyone finds a line on their palm that you haven't mentioned and says something like "Hey what about this one that you're ignoring then, smarty?" just make it 'the Line of Unwarranted Scepticism or 'the Line of Doubting Thomas' which shows 'a pathetic desire to cling to outmoded beliefs because a limited intellect cannot grasp the truth".

As well as interpreting from the shape and consistency of the line, you can use the fact of where the line starts and finishes to bring in other details. So if your lifeline starts at your Mount of Jupiter, life will be successful but if it starts at the Mount of Saturn, life will be a struggle. And if the Life Line crosses the Line of Unwarranted Scepticism the person is in danger of meeting an early and painful death -probably at the hands of a palmist.

Obscurity rating - 2/10 Artistic interpretation - 7/10 Technical merit - 4/10

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