Advanced bluffers who are tempted into prediction using Astrology will have to face the fact that the only way of tackling it is with a computer.

With the right software you can work out all the positions and aspects for any date in a matter of minutes. It is also true that people are far more inclined to believe something because they are told it by a computer. Just think how many people pay their phone bills without question. It also allows you to make real predictions. Well, real 'bluffing' predictions.

This is far easier than it sounds. If you are doing predictions for a specific person you should forget about the complicated natal chart and the influence of all the planets, and simply assume that the only influence in their life was their Sun Sign. Then work out the chart for the day that you are predicting for.

Take each planet's position and work it out in comparison to the querent's Sun sign. If it is in Conjunction (just about the same spot on the chart), Trine (at 180 degrees) or Sextile (at 60 degrees) to the planet in question, predict something happy.

If it is in Opposition (directly opposite) or Square (at right angles), predict something bad.

Each planet will affect a different part of your life:

The Sun - General well-being The Moon - Home life Mercury - Travel Venus - Love life Mars - Argument Jupiter - Career Saturn - Luck or Fate

You can even use the symbolism from the sign that the planet is in to help you make up the predictions. So Venus 'trined' to Aries means that your love life will enter a new exciting, active phase, while Venus 'squared' to Scorpio means you will get romantically involved with a mass murderer.

Obscurity rating -1/10 Artistic interpretation- 7/10 Technical merit- 10/10

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