This is divination by means of moles (brown marks on the skin - not the creatures that dig up your lawn).

Although it is not really a serious method of augury, it can be used to create an instant impression and could produce hours of innocent fun looking for skin blemishes in more and more unlikely places.

Moles on the face are obviously the most useful. For instance, you can tell a complete stranger that because he has a mole on his right temple he is exceptionally able but should guard against illness in later life. Don't however try it with someone who has a mole in the middle of their forehead. That is supposed to show a vicious nature and a bad temper. It could just be true.

Here is a short list of where it is most fun to find moles.

Abdomen - Voracious and self-indulgent. The bearer is advised to marry someone placid. Anyone placid is advised to steer clear.

Bridge of the nose - Lust (one to look out for).

Buttock - A total lack of ambition.

Eyebrow - While they will be happy in marriage they should beware of food poisoning and being hit by lightning. Perhaps the mole could be used to attach a lightning conductor.

Finger - Dishonest, prone to exaggerate (cover yours up with an plaster if you want to mention this one).

Loins - Over amorous (could be interesting proving this one).

Navel - Great good fortune.

Nipple - A flirty type.

Nose left side - Untrustworthy (get your money in advance).

Small of the back - A good liar.

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