If you are going to read bumps and palms you might as well dabble in Metoposcopy, reading the lines on the forehead. (There is also Physiognomy, reading the shape of the face and features but that's just silly.)

Metoposcopy was invented by Jerome Cardan (1501-1576), the eminent mathematician who was the first person to write about the mathematics of chance and probability. Cardan was also an astrologer and is thought to have starved himself to death just to prove that his astrological prediction for his death was correct.

This is, of course, quite the silliest prediction anyone can make as you gain no benefit at all from being right. If you are tempted to do anything as daft make sure to predict that you will die at the age of 120. If you're right it will be amazing, and if you're wrong, what does it matter.

Metoposcopy is one of the silliest occult sciences you can indulge in and probably no-one has used it since 1576 when Cardan died. This of course makes it ideal for bluffers. Another advantage is that it is heavily based on astrological symbolism so if you have learnt your planets, you are already a Metoposcopist.

To carry it out you have to divide the forehead into seven equal parts. You could do this with a ruler and a black felt tip pen (not recommended) or you could take a wild guess presuming that no-one knows enough to prove you wrong (recommended). Each section is ruled by one of seven old planets. Luckily the science was evolved before the three new planets were found or there wouldn't have been room to move on some foreheads.

The sections are (from the top):

Saturn - caution and discipline Jupiter - career and good fortune Mars - courage and aggression Sun - worldly success Venus - love and romance Mercury - humour and eloquence Moon - intuition and imagination.

Any lines below this, are the eyebrows.

You then look to see if there is a straight, clear line (good) or a broken line (bad). In each section, compare the length of the lines and the direction they curve and take conclusions from that. For instance if the line of Mercury is long and deep (humour) and curls away from the line of Venus (love) you can conclude that the person does not find their love life funny.

Cardan went further and produced drawings to show typical foreheads that showed 'a man destined to die by a head wound' or 'a poisoner'. Somehow this list does not seem to be as useful now as it was in Cardan's time.

Obscurity rating -10/10 Artistic interpretation - 2/10 Technical merit- 4/10

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