Jung and I Ching

Never complete even the simplest I Ching consultation without a mention of Carl Jung and 'synchronicity'.

The co-founder of modern psychiatry did I Ching the favour of being totally hooked on it. He would consult it over whether to take one or two spoonfuls of sugar in his tea in the morning. Since he used the Yarrow Stalk method, he was used to drinking cold tea.

Being Jung he couldn't do this just because he was superstitious. He had to invent synchronicity, a theory best summed up in the idea that coincidences are just too significant to be just coincidences.

Jung can be used to justify all forms of fortune telling but his interest in I Ching is best known. But don't quote him directly on the Tarot. For some reason that was the only area of rich 'archetypal' symbolism he never wrote about. Just coincidence probably.

Obscurity rating- 8/10

Artistic interpretation - 8/10

Technical merit (using Yarrow Stalks) -10/10

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