In most areas of human endeavour bluffing is an easy way out - a method of artificially appearing knowledgeable. In fortune telling it is a way of life. In fact there are those who would suggest (rather unkindly) that it is nothing but a stylised, ritualised form of bluffing from beginning to end.

Even if you believe that it is not all total nonsense, it is worthwhile remembering a fundamental rule: it is easier to persuade other people that you can tell the future than to actually do it.

There are many in-built advantages for the bluffer in this activity. Even the most sensible people seem quite prepared to believe in the most unlikely methods. People rush to have their future revealed by gypsies when they wouldn't think of asking advice from anyone whose main source of income is selling clothes pegs.

What follows is a reasonably comprehensive summary of Astrology and related forms of predictive science with enough details to pass yourself off as an expert and to allow you to charge extortionate fees for your readings.

Each section has a rating for obscurity, for artistic interpretation and for technical merit. The higher the obscurity rating, the easier it is for novice bluffers to pass themselves off as experts.

The artistic interpretation mark shows whether the form of augury is easy to interpret. In practice this means having the least amount of details to remember and the most clues to help you make it up as you go along. The technical merit shows you how complicated the science seems to the general public - the greater the degree of apparent complexity the greater the kudos for having mastered the art.

The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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