It is difficult to give any hard and fast guidance on how to interpret the I Ching although this is no real problem. The experts have been arguing for years about what the words actually are, far less what they mean, so you would be very unlikely to find yourself in the position of being corrected when interpreting.

Here are a few phrases that you see quite regularly and may need to have a pat answer for:

Crossing the Water-A phrase you will find constantly which does not mean going to America (it was written 2000 years ago so they would really have had to be good at fortune telling to refer to America). It is normally read as "undertaking a great task."

The superior man - Whoever you are consulting the I Ching for.

The inferior man - Whoever you are consulting the I Ching for if they don't listen to your advice.

Perseverance - A word you find in virtually every hexagram of the I Ching and is basic to the whole philosophy.

As you can see hexagrams all have the same meaning -"Keep plugging away."

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