Have a set number of favourite bumps with a vague idea of their position and then find a suitable bump to fit the bill. As with palmistry, do each reading in private. It would seem just too much of a coincidence if everyone at the party had the same qualities. Here are a few suggestions.

Amativeness - Base of the skull. The ability to appeal to the opposite sex (it is well worth finding this on everyone except for a few obvious exceptions).

Alimentativeness - Just above the ear. A liking for food (this should be pretty obvious without finding a bump).

Benevolence - Top of the head towards the front. Generosity (if you are being paid for the reading it is important to find this).

Individuality - Middle of the forehead. An inquisitive mind (beware of this one, just in case it's true and they see through you).

Languages - Under the eye. An ability to learn foreign languages and eloquence.

Order - Beside the eyebrow. The desire to be systematic and organised.

Philoprogentiveness - Lower back of the skull. Parental love and care for the less fortunate (not really very interesting as a bump but worth using just for the name).

Phrenology generally tends towards being complimentary. The bumps usually denote a positive ability or skill. However you don't need to stick to this if you feel like finding a spurious bump that makes the person "inclined to say silly things' or gives them "a desire to cheat at Trivial Pursuits'.

Obscurity rating - 7/10 Artistic interpretation - 3/10 Technical merit- 7/10

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