Having Fun with the Tarot

As with all fortune telling, Tarot has to be carried off with a totally straight face or it loses all its effect. But this does not mean you cannot have a little bit of innocent fun while reading the cards.

One piece of harmless nonsense, especially useful if you aren't totally sympathetic to the person whose cards are being read, is to carefully lay everything out, look at them without a word for four or five minutes and then just pick them up, announcing in a distracted manner that you don't really feel like carrying on at that moment.

Then no matter how often they say You saw something in the cards, didn't you? There's something you don't want to tell me?' just appear to be trying to act normally and insist that you just didn't feel like it. You can boost your reputation to foretell the future no end, without saying a word.

This is a variation on the old trick when you get the Death card No 13. As soon as the querent sees the Grim Reaper just pick up the cards saying "Well not much point going into too much detail about your future, is there?" Hours of fun there.

To be really nasty get the Thoth pack designed by Aleister Crowley, which has huge cards that are just too big to hold. Then tell your victim to shuffle thoroughly but not to drop them as that is desperately bad luck.

Obscurityrating- 4/10 Artistic interpretation - 9/10 Technical merit - 9/10

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