Iain Girdwood

A spectator cuts and shuffles the deck. You take the cards and spread through them once, stating that you will endeavour to memorise the colour order of the cards. You hand the deck back to the spectator, face down. You now call out the colours one by one, while the spectator verified each by dealing the cards face up into a pile, "Red, Black, Black, Red...etc..." until the complete deck is dealt. You are 100% correct!

This combines the Gilbraith Principle with binary and allows you to genuinely memorise the order of a shuffled 48 card deck, while only needing to remember one six-digit number! Once you learn this, you can easily extend it to include the additional 4 cards required for a full 52-card deck.

I was with Iain the night he worked this out - about 12 years ago. He did it for me then explained the arithmetic behind it. I then tried it and was able to remember all 48 cards on my first attempt. This is coming from someone who has difficulty remembering a couple of key cards in location tricks! I tell you this to demonstrate that this is nowhere near as complicated to do as it might read.

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