The performer apparently takes two business cards. Really he takes three. The best way to do this is shown in Fig.l. Take out the stack and double lift two cards with the right hand, holding them by the short ends. Then table the stack and lift off a single card with the left hand, holding it in a manner corresponding to that, in which the other hand holds the double. If the cards are concaved slightly, the double will not be noticed.

Place the cards together, face to face so that all the printing is on the inside and staple the ends together. When stapling, the single face down card should be on top and the double face up card(s) on the bottom. At this point, you may, if desired, have the top card signed. Hold it yourself, while this is being done.

Take the banknote and fold it lengthwise, until it forms a narrow strip. Thread this strip between the double card(s) on the bottom of the stapled packet.

Hand the whole thing to the spectator, requesting him to hold the note by both ends behind his back (alternatively a cloth could be placed over his hands). The performer goes behind the spectator (who reaches beneath the

cloth) and creases the bottom card (the one securing the banknote) lengthwise. This folding of the card, followed by a slight downward pull, will cause it to be released from the staples. It can be quickly folded up and disposed of, either by sleeving or finger palming.

The two remaining stapled cards can be handed to a spectator, who may examine them to his hearts content.

dhd by Mark Weston

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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