The top card is removed from the pile and is shown to carry the performer's signature. It is placed to one side. The other cards are fanned and shown to be all blank. The second signature is hidden, because the fanning only exposes the unmarked portion of the card, which bears it. Care should be taken to ensure that this is the

A spectator is allowed to take any one of the cards, except the signed duplicate on top. He is asked to sign his name on the chosen one. While this is being done, the performer squares up the remainder of the packet. He then cuts the cards and completes the cut, maintaining a little finger break above the second signed card. He helpfully cuts the packet for the return of the spectator's card. This goes in on top of the performer's signed duplicate. The cards may now be cut several times by a spectator. Ultimately the performer places them behind his back. Picking up his original signed card, which was placed aside at the start, he takes it behind his back and apparently pushes it amongst the others. Really he places it, writing side downwards, on top of the packet.

When the cards are again brought into view, they are fanned and the two signed ones seen to be together in the centre. They are removed, the packet squared and, with the extra signed card already on the top, you are all set for a repeat.

The procedure is carried out, exactly as before, except that when the performer places his signature card behind his back, he does not put it on top of the others. Instead, he pushes it under the watch strap on his left wrist.

The cards may now be given to the spectator, to allow him to find the two signed ones together in the centre.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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