First remove the handkerchief from the pocket and place it into the left hand as in Fig. 3. It is clipped by one corner only, in the thumb crotch. The bulk of the handkerchief is draped over the back of the hand (audience side).

Say that you are going to demonstrate the amazing vanishing coin trick and as the coin is going to disappear, you had better use your own money.

With the right hand, feel in the right trouser pocket as though looking for a coin. Acting is most important here. The audience must really believe that you are genuinely searching for a coin. If the actions are in any way exaggerated or over emphasised, they will be tipped off. At the same time, it must be made clear to them, what you are doing. Behave as though you expect to find a coin there.

After a moment or two, realise that you do not have a coin in that pocket and bring out the empty right hand. Without pausing, the hand goes straight to the lower right hand waistcoat pocket and feels in there. Appear slightly puzzled that there is no coin and withdraw the hand, still empty.

Quickly reach across with the same hand to the holder and remove the glass, still keeping it upside down. The handkerchief screens this action from the audience as Fig.4 shows. To them, it will look as if you are simply searching in the pocket on that side for a coin. This is why acting is so important. There are no moves as such. You simply take the glass and hold it behind the silk as in Fig. 5 (an exposed view of Fig.4). It is clipped by the stem between the second and third fingers.

Move the left hand back slightly, so that it can place the handkerchief onto the right fingers. The folds will conceal the glass. Fig.6 shows the position. You must not look down at your hahds as this move is done. It should look as though you have merely passed the handkerchief into the other hand, to leave the left free to feel in the trouser pocket on that side.

Reach into the left hand trouser pocket and remove the coin. Appear relieved that you have been able to find it. Act but do not overact. Lay the coin on the exposed palm of the right hand — the silk should be merely draped over the fingers and clipped against them by the right thumb.

Take the corner of the silk from between the right thumb and fingers with the left hand. Move it upwards and backwards as though to cover the coin. As you do so, curl the right fingers tightly in towards the palm. This will have the effect of causing the glass to turn upright. The base of the glass should rest on the palm of the hand, covering the coin. Fig. 7 shows the position.

Release the handkerchief from the left hand, so that it falls over the top of the glass. For the first time, the audience will be aware that there is something beneath the handkerchief that they did not know about.

Bring the left hand up to the rim of the glass and remove the silk, peeling away the rubber cover in the process. The audience will be confronted with the spectacle of a full glass of liquid, seemingly from nowhere. As the foot of the glass is on top of the coin and the fingers are curled over, holding it in place, the coin cannot be seen.

While all eyes are on the glass, lift it up with the left hand saying, "Cheers" and take a drink. Meanwhile the right turns back outwards and palms the coin.

Take the handkerchief from the left hand with the right and stuff it into the trouser pocket, getting rid of the coin at the same time.

The most beautiful trick in the world! Now available as a gold plated watch in a limited edition only from me price £23 — Eric Mason, 39 Dennis Park Crescent, Wimbledon, SW20 8QH, London. Pandora Box is exclusive from Repro Magic at £5.25.

The most beautiful trick in the world! Now available as a gold plated watch in a limited edition only from me price £23 — Eric Mason, 39 Dennis Park Crescent, Wimbledon, SW20 8QH, London. Pandora Box is exclusive from Repro Magic at £5.25.

So now you've been to your first I.B.M. Convention, and if you don't know what I'm talking about read last month's column. Exciting wasn't it? Or was it? I personally ALWAYS enjoy I.B.M. Conventions. I usually make some money, meet old friends, make one or two new ones, see a few magic acts I have never seen before and occasionally see an act I never want to see again.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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