Working And Presentation

Introduce the folder, showing it on both sides. Allow the people to see that it contains a banknote and a single card only. Explain that you will influence somebody to name the card,

in the folder. Point out that, if you fail and they name any other card, they may be allowed to keep the money.

Toss the folder onto the table, so that it lands with the card on the underside and only the note can be seen.

This introduction is calculated to arouse maximum interest. If the performer does not succeed, which seems more than likely, then he will lose the money and, more to the point, they will win it. It becomes important to watch the trick. For the performer there is something at stake: for the audience there is a chance of easy money!

Have a spectator name a card. If the Queen of Hearts happens to be named, which is very often the case, then you have nothing more to do. Build up the effect for all you are worth, remove the card and the note. Push the card so that it frees itself from the wax, and display it — a perfect miracle!

When a card is named, other than the Queen of Hearts, remove the appropriate pack (the one which contains a pair of the named card). Obviously the introduction of the pack requires a plausible reason. It must be given one, by the presentation. Tommy's approach is, while removing the pack, to say, "Now let's make sure that there is no misunderstanding. . ." Quickly, he locates the required pair of cards and places one openly, face up on the table, while secretly cutting its duplicate to the top of the pack. He continues talking, without pausing, ". . .This is the card that you named? There is no misunderstanding, is there? You have nominated this card and this card alone!" The spectator acknowledges this. As a large amount of money is at stake, it is perfectly logical for the performer to take precautions to ensure that there are no misunderstandings. By placing the named card onto the table, you have prevented the spectator from denying that it was the one that was named and claiming that you misheard. Some people might be inclined to try this, in , order to get the money! This, at any rate, is the impression that you must seek to convey.

The pack is placed face down into the left hand. Quietly obtain a little finger break below the top card. This is, of course, a duplicate of the tabled one. It is necessary to place the folder on fop of the pack, in order to cop the duplicate card. A logical reason for doing this needs to be found. This is why the paperclip is there. In order to open the folder, the clip must first be removed. This can only be done if both hands are used.

So, pick up the folder with the right hand and place it on top of the pack, as in Fig.3. This enables the left to hold it steady, while the right removes the clip. Toss the clip onto the table, immediately. As it is large and brightly coloured, most eyes will follow it. This helps to divert attention from the left hand and prevents people from being too much aware of the fact that the folder is on top of the pack. If the clip can be made of brass, or some other heavy metal, the noise of its landing, on the table, will add extra strength to this misdirection.

As soon as the paperclip has been dropped onto the table, the right hand moves across and takes a hold of the folder, together with the top card of the pack. This latter is clipped beneath the folder, by the right finger tips. The left hand, holding the pack, moves away and turns palm downwards. Extend the left forefinger, in a pointing gesture and move the tabled card forward slightly, while saying, "This card should match the one in the folder." Draw the left hand back and deposit the pack onto the table, as inconspicuously as possible. Note that throughout the entire sequence, the actual position of the folder has not changed. It is still in the same place as it was when the paperclip was originally removed. Although it has been transferred from hand to hand and several other movements have taken place, these have all been accomplished without actually moving the folder.

Also, the manner of placing the pack down is important. Make the action as inconspicuous as possible. You do not want people to notice or remember that the pack was ever in your hand.

Bring the left hand up, so that it can take a hold of the folder and the card, beneath it. This latter is clipped against the underside by the left finger tips. The right hand, meanwhile, releases its hold and lifts the upper layer of the folder, sufficiently to enable the banknote to be extracted. Pull the note out. The card will come with it, being attached, as it is, by magician's wax. Drop the note onto the table. The card, which was stolen from the pack, will now be visible. It will look as though it is inside the folder. In fact, it is being held against the underside, by the left finger tips. There is a discrepancy here, as the card will be face down, when in fact it should be face up. Without any hesitation, place the right thumb into the folder as in Fig. 4 and apparently extract the card, tossing it face down on top of the note. Do not show its face just yet. Place the folder aside.

Leave the card lying on top of the banknote for a few moments, while you continue to talk. There is a psychological reason for doing this. The note and card present a picture, similar to the one when they were first shown to the audience. It is a good thing to allow this picture to consolidate itself in the minds of the watchers, thereby establishing that it is the same card and the same note that they saw earlier! When the effect has built up enough, turn over the card and show that it is the one, which was named.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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