In 1964 Ramon Varela, a very accomplished Spanish magician, published in Misdirection magazine an effect which I immediately liked. Unfortunately it did not suit my requirements. Now follows my adaptation of that effect. I hope it brings pleasure to yourself and your customers.


by John Fells


Three blue backed cards are shown one at a time. They are all aces of clubs. However one of the aces is later found to have turned face up between the other two, and when its face is fully disclosed it is found to be, not the ace of clubs, but three miniature aces. When the faces of the other two aces are shown they are found to be blank. What is more when the three ace card is turned face down it is found to have a red back. You will require

Two blank blue backed cards.

One blue backed ace of clubs.

A red backed card with a specially printed face as shown in Fig 3.


Rub with melrose the faces of the specially printed card and one of the blank blue backed cards.

Alternatively treat with roughing fluid.

Place both these cards face to face and they will temporarily join together and become one.


Place the two prepared cards together on \ the table with the blue back showing. Place the other two cards face down on top. The ace being the top card of the group.

They can all now be put away in a plastic holder or wallet face down till the effect is to be performed.


Remove the cards from the wallet face down being careful not to expose the bottom face up card.

Hold face down in dealing position in left hand.

Take the cards from the left hand by placing the index and fingers of the right hand underneath the inner right corner of the cards with the thumb on top.

Fan the three cards (?) by spreading the fingers and thumb in opposite directions: as you say "I like to show you a little something. . ." Due to the way in which the cards have been prepared they will move together as one. Close the fan and hold the cards face down in the right hand as in Fig 1. Count the cards into the left hand as shown in Fig 2 reversing their order. The ace of clubs will now be face down on the bottom and the double card will be on top.

As you do so, you say ". . .with this, one, two, three cards." Hold the cards face down in the glide position in the left hand. IMPORTANT. The new few moves must be performed smoothly and without hesitation. Turn your left hand palm up and show the ace of clubs. Turn your hand palm down again, perform the glide and remove the blank face card which goes face down on the table "and they are all in fact aces of clubs". Again turn your hand palm up, show ace of clubs, turn your hand palm down again and remove top card (double card) and place on top of tabled card. Finally turn your hand face up again as before, show ace of clubs, take it with the right hand which then slides it beneath the two (?) tabled cards and in this way uses it to pick those two cards (?) up. Place all three into the left hand which immediately palms the bottom card (ace of clubs) while appearing to square the cards. The right hand which has not lost its grip of the cards moves forward with them and places them on the table, at the same time the left hand laps the ace of clubs and immediately returns to the tabled cards and assists the right hand to spread them, first only a fraction on the table (forcing the two prepared cards apart) and thus exposing the centre face up card as you say "But the mystery in these cards is that they seem to perform on their own. For instance on this occasion the centre ace appears to have turned itself face up." Show the face of this card and also turn the two face down cards face up. "In fact they "have done more than that, all three aces have joined together, and this ace in its embarrassment has developed a red back." Turn the centre card face down and show the red back.

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