Bob Hamilton sent the following for inclusion having seen it worked in a bar up north.

Standing at the bar (where else) bring out a box of 'Swan' matches and ask anyone to hand which direction the swan is swimming. When they reply "To the right" prop the box on a cigarette packet with the swan facing them and wager that you can make the swan swim in the opposite direction i.e. to the left, without touching or moving either the box or the cigarette packet.

Having accepted all the bets ask the barman for a glass of water and resist making any cracks about it being difficult to tell the difference between water and beer in this pub because you will require another in a moment. It should be a pint glass.

Stand the glass of water in front of the box and ask a spectator to look through the glass and say which way the swan is now pointing. He will again say "To the right." Appear somewhat disconcerted, take a look yourself, and reluctantly agree with him. The object of this byplay is to raise the hopes of the punters to think something is wrong and they may have won the bet.

You now ask for another glass of water and place close to and in front of the other glass so that both glasses and the matchbox are in a straight line (Fig.l). Now ask the spectator to take another look and say which way the swan is swimming. Due to the fact he is viewing the swan through two glasses of water it will appear to be swimming towards the left which makes you the winner.

If desired the business of playing up can be extended by exchanging the second glass for first one, and getting the spectator to look through this one also, before finally asking him to look through both.

For thi? stunt, also designed to obtain a free drink you will require a matchbox and a coin of suitable size enabling it to be 'jammed' into the cover of the box as in (Fig.2). You will also need a stooge.

Bring out, or borrow a coin of the same denomination as the one jammed in the box and not seen by the spectators. Explain that you are able to divine whether a coin is head or tails upwards when covered by a matchbox. Demonstrate to your intended victim what is required of him by setting the box, coin side downwards over the borrowed coin. Next remove the box standing it up on the table near the coin. Tell him that when you turn your back he is to either turn the coin over, or leave it as it is, and cover it with the box.

When your back is turned your stooge takes over and picks up the box as the spectator makes his decision. Suddenly, as if he has just thought of the idea, your stooge nudges the victim, picks up the coin and places the box back on the table.

When you are informed that they are ready, turn round, and acting in whatever manner suits your style announce it as heads or tails according to which side will be uppermost as you force out the coin by pressing the drawer inwards with the forefinger in the act of picking up the box.

Make sure that you call the opposite side of the coin visible when you have it set, otherwise it will be you who will be buying the drinks. This happened to Dave Robertson when he had me set up as his victim, and he's a Scotsman.

A juggling feat for a change. The idea is to toss the box up and, as it comes down, hit the

striking surface with the head of a match causing it to ignite, while the box, knocked sideways by the impact, is caught in the other hand. The match is held in the right fingers with the box on the back of the same hand (Fig.3). Success is dependent upon tossing the box so that it is at the correct angle for the match to hit the striking surface on the box when it is in the air. It is much easier if you cheat a little by weighting the box with a couple of large coins or increasing the striking surface on the box by pasting further such surfaces on one of the sides of the box.

When someone gives you a cigarette and is proffering to light it for you move your closed fist into the flame. Your fist lights up and you light your cigarette from it. The dodge, shown to me by Jan Heins is to have your hand in your pocket around your lighter allowing the gas to escape from it into your fist.

With a suitably shaped lighter the same effect is possible by actually having the lighter in your fist and disposing of it by sleeving. If you have any ideas on this, or any other stunts your comments would be appreciated, also a reminder of anything with cigarettes or pipes which have been missed would be welcome.

More next time.

More next time.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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