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game successfully the contents willbe yours." Ask him to put the envelope into his pocket for the moment.

Bring the right hand over the face down pack from above, fingers at the outer end -thumb at the inner end, the thumb being positioned near the right inner corner. Lift the pack away from the left hand for a moment. With the left hand finger-tips draw the apparent face card about half an inch out of the left side of the pack. Actually, it is the card above the torn face card that is side-jogged because you positioned your left finger-tips at the left inner comer, where the corner of the torn face card is missing. Hold the pack in this position for a moment with the card side-jogged (illustration 2)

Say "For this game we will use the face card of the pack." Place your left thumb on the long edge of the jogged card and the left fingers on the fingers extended and together on the face of the torn card covering the missing section. Keeping both hands in position, twist the pack upwards so that its face is towards the spectators. As you do this the left thumb pushes the jogged card square with the pack. The left hand now moves the torn card to the left away from the pack, its fingers covering the missing portion. The right hand now places the remainder of the pack aside, it no longer being required. As you do this say "The value of the card is not really important in this game." This three-quarter card is now torn into quarters as if it was a whole card. This is done convincingly using the following handling:

Twist the left hand slightly, so that the cards are in a horizontal position but still facing the audience. Bring the right hand to the card, fingers on the thumb at the rear and tear the card neatly in half. You are of course only really tearing half a card because of the missing corner. Twist the hands away from each other, the right hand moving clockwise and the left

counter clockwise until the two sections li le up along the centre torn edges. Bring the hands together and place the left hand section on the face of the right hand one, so that it lines up approximately with the left hand end of the larger section. Now tear neatly down the centre to form quarters. Really you are only tearing through a single thickness of card but the illusion is perfect, the fingers giving adequate cover for the tearing action. Place the single quarter in the right hand on the face of the two in the right hand and hold all three in a neatly squared condition, between the fingers and thumb of the left hand.

Remove the top quarter with the right hand and show its face to the spectators saying "An index corner." Turn it face down and replace it below the others neatly squared. Take the next top quarter and show it saying "A nonindex corner." Turn it face down and replace beneath as before. Repeat the action saying "A non-index corner" and finally "An index corner." You have apparently shown all four sections of the torn card.

Ask the spectator with the envelope to hold his hand palm up. Place the torn pieces on his hand the request him to cup his other hand over them and shake the pieces up to mix them. Say "The idea of the game is for me to say go, and for you to re-assemble the pieces face up on the table rather like a jig-saw within thirty seconds. I should point out that up to now no-one has succeeded in doing it. If you are successful you will receive the valuable contents of the envelope I gave you earlier."

Say "Go. "And the spectator will try very hard to assemble in time, but he will be surprised to find that a corner has vanished. Say. "That's why nobody has done it before, but you can have the contents of the envelope anyway." When he opens it and finds the missing corner say "1 told you the contents were valuable."

william zavis

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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