Volume 8 Number

Welcome to the 8th Volume. I hope that the next 11 issues will live up to the high standards set by all 84 past issues.

Quite a lot has been happening recently Martin Nash gave a couple of lectures, one in London and the other in Birmingham.

I was unable to attend either lecture but I have heard mixed reports from the attendants of the one in London and indeed I've been promised a review of the London lecture for the next issue.

By the time you read this, the I.B.M. convention will be over and you'll have met all your old friends, exchanged ideas and generally had a good time.

A couple of days ago I was told that a new Mario book was out. I haven't had chance to see a copy yet but I'll try and get my hands on one and review it next issue.

In early November I might be off to Sweden for a short lecture tour of Scandinavian countries. This should give me plenty of opportunity to solicit effects etc for the magazine . . . can't be bad ehhh?

I say 'might' as I'm still awaiting confirmation etc. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I expect we'll see an influx of Walt Lee's books hitting the press quite soon. I can comfortably predict this as I know that Walt needed the extra time, that Pabular wouldn't allow him, to complete many publications that he's had in the pipe-line for ages. Hopefully I'll receive copies as soon as they're available.

Two weeks ago Niek Bolton and I met to discuss Pabuiar. We met at Charing Cross and began our search for a nice quiet pub where we could talk.

About an hour later we settled for a busy wine bar in Convent Garden. Nick told me what was expected of me and I explained what I was capable of and before we knew what had happened a full bottle of white wine had vanished and an extra glass each was ordered. Between us we decided it would be a nice idea to get Pabular ready and published at a rate of one a month.

It remains to be seen if we can keep to this schedule but we'll try!

Nick also plans to re-release past issues, starting from the very first issue, in bound volumes and from what he told me ... . they should look fantastic.

In the mean time I'll be on the look out for routines, ideas, effects etc. and this is where you come in.

If you have that rare quality that so few of us seem to possess and find that you have several original items on your hands, then where better to deposit them than here in the pages of Pabular. If we consider the idea to be worthy of inclusion and radically different from anything else available, we'll be only too pleased to immortalise you in print. I'll even send you a copy containing your offering so that you can take it round to all your friends and show them how famous you are. Seriously ... if you do have an item or two for publication, simply write with details to Stephen Tucker at the P.O. Box number on the back of this issue.

All subscriptions or enquiries should be addressed to Nick Bolton at the same P.O. Box number.

Before I go I'd like to personally thank all the contributors to this issue and I look forward to receiving your routines in the near future.

Till next month all the very best!!

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Fundamentals of Magick

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