Volume 4 No 6 February 1978

steven kuske

OUT OF THIS WORLD is still one of the strongest card tricks of all time, although considered a bit 'passe' of late.

When performed traditionally, no sleights are used, and this can be a weakness as accurate reconstruction by the spectator is possible. Stopping the deal halfway, and then switching the leaders is another weakness. This discrepancy is the spectator's largest clue.

I devised these two following methods with these weaknesses in mind. Some handling is made necessary but the spectator should hopefully still see it as a hands-off miracle.


The spectator deals a shuffled deck straight through into two piles. One is all red, the other is all black.

Method 1

1. Secretly separate the colours, the red cards being on top. False shuffle the deck.

2. Have the spectator deal the deck into two piles face down, sorting the cards intuitively.

3. Have the last red card that was placed on the supposed black pile turned sideways on the pile. Remark that this was the first error.

4. When the deal is completed pick up the 'red' pile saying "So these are red." Place them in the left hand.

5. Pick up the top half of the 'black' pile down to the jogged card, and place on those in the left hand. Say "and these are black."

6. Push the outjogged card towards the spectator with the palm down left hand and direct the spectator to look at it as you pick up the remainder of the black pile with the right hand. You are now set to do the Ramsay version of the pass as you are starting with the left hand nearly palm down.

7. Apparently place this packet on those in the left hand but do the pass instead. You have all the misdirection you need, although you really shouldn't use it when performing for just one spectator, as the pass is truly invisible when well practiced.

8. The spectator may now inspect the pack to end.

Method 2

This is more suitable for other magii rather than the public. It's a swindle. Make up a deck that is all black cards. Arrange them so that no two identical cards are near each other.

Let your pal shuffle the deck only if he insists. Let him sort the cards in the usual way as you generate all the ridiculous distracting byplay you can muster.

He picks up one pile as you get the other. Switch your pile for 26 reds as he looks at his pile. A good method is to sweep your blacks into the lap with the right hand as the left comes into view with 26 reds.

If this works, as it is likely to, don't let your friend off the hook easily. I suggest you grab the cards and put them away saying "I don't want this little mechanical miracle to get worn out." Don't tell the secret for a week.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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