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Certain effects in magic can only be shown to one person at a time by their very nature, this item falls into that category and I use it as a gag although if correctly performed the item is quite baffling to the lay man.

Requirements: The ability to palm a card really well.

Working: You meet a friend on the street or anywhere else where you are away from the main throng and have him select a card and remember the card without your knowledge after which the card is returned to the pack and controlled then palmed in the right hand... the pack is handed to the spectator for him to give the cards a really good hard long shuffle.

At this stage the performer's position is important up until the time that the card is palmed out of the pack the performer is face to face with the spectator. The right hand still holding the palmed card is placed onto the hips and the performer then turns at ninety degrees to the spectator with the palmed card away from the spectator's side. g^g

Now the right hand goes inside the right side of the trousers band AND TO THE REAR... the hand releases the card which will ALWAYS FALL DOWN THE LEG ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE PERFORMER TO THE GROUND. Note... the card must always fall to the rear of the centre line of the performer's right leg when released arriving alongside the performer's RIGHT FOOT. All that is required is for the performer to glance downwards WITHOUT MOVING THE FACE (EYES ONLY) and move his right foot over the top of the card. Spectator is still directed to shuffle some more... then keep looking into his eyes as you ask him to name his chosen card assuming he says for example "nine of clubs"... you immediately reply "IT'S UNDER MY FOOT"... BUT DO NOT MOVE YOUR FOOT TO REVEAL THE CARD... He will just not believe it... just keep looking him in the eyes and again say "IT'S UNDER MY FOOT"... this time he will look at your foot and this time you move the right foot to the left revealing the chosen card. The strength of this lies in the fact that the performer never bends down, or looks at or goes near his own right foot... one needs to be an actor to some extent... but I know that will not worry anyone... we are all actors to some extent even the none magicians and laymen.

Correctly presented this is a nice reputation maker, and also makes a change.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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