Turpins turnip Dick Turpin

This is the method used by Dick Turpin, the well known London busker, to produce first a large object such as a swede and then a glass of water or beer from a borrowed hat.

Readers may be familiar with a similar method described by Hugard in The Modern Magic Manual. Also certain similarities will be noticed with the Malini hat loading techniques described in the Vernon on Malini book by Lew Ganson. It is, however, pointed out that Dick Turpin was working this effect over forty years ago. Long before either of these two books were written. Dick was at that time working with Howard Spencer, busking in various pubs in and around London. It is possible that Dick learned some of the routine from him, but it is stressed that this handling has been made very much Dick's own by almost daily use for some thirty years.

Also of interest is that this is one of the few instances, in which a "Topit" vanisher is used to produce objects rather than cause them to disappear.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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