of inches away from the pocket. Blow on the hands once more and keeping them near the pocket do the jingle business and look directly at the spectator immediately in front of you in the eyes say, "You've seen this before." As he looks up you do two things simultaneously. You release the coin as you are making an upward movement of the hands in the jingling action, virtually throwing it at the coat just above the pocket, and still holding the gaze of the spectator say, "Your friend has." Your own gaze moves to the second spectator as you make this second remark. The coin on striking the coat falls into the pocket under cover of this calculated misdirection but it is most important that the spectators must not as yet be aware that the coin is no longer in your still closed cupped hands. Move the hands an inch or so further away from the pocket, open them slightly and peep inside. Close the hands and remark, "No luck as yet. Would you like to have a blow?" Move your hands towards the spectator for him to blow on them. Note how the hands have moved gradually away from the pocket and how you have contrived to convince the spectators that the coin is still in the hands after it is safely in the pocket by taking a 'peep' at it.

When the spectator has blown on your hands open them slowly showing that the coin has disappeared.

2. The above move can be adapted to change a borrowed silver coin into a copper one.

Have a copper coin concealed in the right hand between the second and third fingers. Take the borrowed silver coin on the palm of the left hand and cup the hands and proceed as in the previous effect vanishing the silver coin and revealing the copper one at the finish. Prevent the coins from clinking by trapping the borrowed coin between the two hands to avoid it making contact with the concealed copper one.

3. Cover the open palm of the left hand with a handkerchief and place a coin on it directly over the centre of the palm. Close the fingers and bring the hand towards the body near to the breast pocket and blow on it. With a slight flourish turn the hand over keeping hold of the handkerchief at the centre allowing the corners to hang down as in (Fig.2). With the right hand grasp a convenient corner of the handkerchief give it a shake which pulls it from the right hand. The coin has vanished having, as you have no doubt guessed, disappeared into the breast pocket during the slight flourish when the fist was turned over. When the right hand takes the corner of the handkerchief the left hand must ''.¬Ľave moved well away from the body. It is probably more effective if a spectator is allowed to take a corner, the right hand gently releasing the handkerchief and letting the left hand be seen to be empty.

5. Close the left hand into a loose fist and a coin is pushed into the opening between the thumb and forefinger where it rests on the tips of the fingers (Fig.3). The coin is held at the heel of the hand as in (Fig.4) and taking care not to flash the coin bring the hand back towards the spectator and in such a position that it would be an easy matter to release the coin during a gesture letting it hit the coat and slide into the pocket. No doubt you could evolve a suitable one. In the meanwhile here is one which gives good cover. Have a handkerchief in the breast pocket and remove it with the right hand and as you give it a shake to make the folds fall out the spectators eyes will be on this action, particularly if you make it look important by watching it with interest yourself.

None of the above are really difficult but they do need practise to get the necessary smoothness for the timing and misdirection to be effective.

May you never drop it when using DROPIT.

fred tobinson

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Fundamentals of Magick

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